When it comes to linkbuilding I’m very risk-averse, so we usually run our campaigns ourselves. This year we reached a limit of what we could do, so I started looking for external providers.
Since I had heard great things about CornerStoneLinks I decided to give them a chance. When Chris pitched the idea for the campaign I wasn’t totally convinced it would work, but I decided to rely on his experience.
After a few weeks I started seeing the newly acquired backlinks showing up in Ahrefs. I was surprised about the quality and amount of links this campaign generated: 30 in total, and about a third of them from relevant authority sites.
I’m not sure what his secret formula is, but I wouldn’t be able to replicate these results. I look forward to working on more campaigns with Chris and his team.

-Matthias H.

My company is in the ketogenic diet / low carb foods space.  We ran two campaigns with Cornerstone Links.  We chose them because we believe link-building is important AND we want to be very careful to stay within Google’s guidelines — no buying links!  We got 15 links from each campaign. For internal reasons we’ve decided not to continue building links to this site, but I’ve been impressed with Cornerstone’s work and I’ll probably use them again in the future.

Dan Thompson from Left Coast Performance

I have run 7 campaigns so far with Cornerstone Links.  I’m going through my notes, and it looks like they did 4 broken link campaigns and 3 skyscraper campaigns.  I added up all the links, and they acquired a total of 91 DR15+ links in those 7 campaigns, including 2 DR90 links, a DR91 and a DR92.  The process itself is very hands-off.  They bill me every month, pitch me a campaign, and then send the final article (that we have to publish to the site).  It probably takes us about an hour of work per campaign. 

Alan M.

I hired Cornerstone for 4 campaigns, and they built a total of 126 links (at last count) across those four campaigns.  Many of the links were very strong — 15 had a Domain Rating in the 70s and 1 link had a Domain Rating of 81.  One of the campaigns only got 9 links, and Chris offered us a 10% credit / refund because he didn’t hit his guarantee of 10 links.  Link-building tends to be a very spammy industry, so you have to choose your providers carefully.  You can trust Chris.

Viola Eve, Flow-SEO.com

I have my own team/sources for building links, and typically build 30+/quarter to my main site, and a few others besides. The most recent quarter had us at 35 with an average DR of 46. 

All that being said, I know what we pay for links, and I know what goes into it.

That’s why Chris’ offer appealed to me, since it was pretty close to what we’d pay…but we VERY rarely focus exclusively on broken links.

I wasn’t 100% on the topic Chris chose, since it’s very closely related to a subject that we consider ourselves experts on. I wanted to be extra sure that it wouldn’t dilute our perceived expertise.

The content they created, though, was top notch.

At the end of the day, Chris got us 9 links with an average DR of 46. 

Pretty dang good. 

I bought another package, which I think is the best testimonial I can give.

I’ll also be buying more in order to build some links to new sites I’m launching.

Overall, good experience with very good results. 

Curt S.

Chris ran a broken link building campaign for me. I am very careful with link building and was hesitant to trust outreach to a 3rd party but it was well worth it. 

The process with Chris was easy. Chris took the time to consider the best strategy, got a quality article written and kept me informed as the outreach campaign ran and we got some links. 

The best testimonial is repeat business and I plan to go back to Chris again to help build more links.

Martin G.

The first post received 10 links from some very high quality sites (as high as DR70). The second post received received links from 32 sites, which is pretty amazing and most had excellent metrics (as high as DR82). The third post didn’t work out quite as well (only received 6 links), but Chris was very accommodating in coming up with a solution we were both happy with.

Obviously the results can vary pretty significantly with a white hat link building approach so just keep that in mind if you are looking for a specific number of links. 

Also, while the posts were very well written they weren’t necessarily something I wanted people to actually read since they weren’t directly related to my sites. This wasn’t a problem for me because I was using the posts to acquire links to build up the authority/trust of the sites and then do some inner linking to pages I actually want to rank. But it’s something to keep in mind as you may need to be flexible with the topics when doing broken links vs other link acquiring methods.

Overall I was definitely impressed with the quality of the links each site received and the service. As others have said the highest form of praise is a repeat order and I just ordered for another site of mine.

-Nick K.