Done-for-you Link-Building Campaigns

Fact: Google has stated publicly that links are one of their top three ranking factors.

Fact: Google has said that websites must avoid link schemes.

Question: Where does that leave websites and SEO agencies that need help acquiring links, but want to operate within the letter and the spirit of Google’s guidelines?

Answer: Cornerstone offers done-for-you link-building campaigns.

How Does It Work?

Cornerstone follows a simple methodology to acquire links:

  • Identify a question that is likely to attract links
  • Create best-in-class content to answer that question
  • Publish that content to our client’s site
  • Reach out to sites that should be interested and ask them to link to that content

Our only pitch to the sites that we reach out to is that the content is interesting, and that their readers will find it useful.

We never:

  • Buy links
  • Pay “administrative fees” for links
  • Use PBNs (private blog networks)
  • Arrange 3-way link swaps
  • Offer Facebook shares in exchange for links
  • Etc

Does Cornerstone Guarantee Results?

However, because we don’t incentivize links, we don’t get 10 links in about 30% of campaigns. In those cases, we offer our clients a proportional refund.