About Cornerstone

Why the name Cornerstone Links?

Traditionally, the cornerstone is the first stone or brick laid in a masonry construction, and as such, the orientation of the building is determined by that stone. 

While links typically aren’t the first step in launching a website, they are often the single most important step in helping you attract visitors and traffic. 

Your link-building strategy will determine:

  • How many links you acquire
  • From where you acquire links
  • How quickly you acquire links
  • Whether search engines evaluate your links as spammy

About the Founder

My name is Chris Brooks, and among other things, I have run the same commercial website since 2002.  If you’d like your site to rank well, and you would like it to continue to rank well for years to come, then you need to choose a link-building strategy that aligns with that goal.

Cornerstone only runs “white-hat” link-building strategies. These are strategies where the owners and webmasters of other sites choose to link to our clients’ sites because of the quality of their content, rather than because they received something of value in exchange for the link.

Other companies use grey-hat or black-hat strategies to acquire links.  These approaches range from simply paying for links, trickery and hacking, or offering link swaps or other favors (social media shares, email mentions, etc) in exchange for links.  Google considers such link schemes to be a violation of their Webmaster Guidelines, and you can read their definition and examples here.

You may hear people talk about broken link campaigns, skyscraper campaigns and infographic campaigns — these are all campaigns that can be run as white-hat campaigns. Or, they may simply be fronts for link-buying activities.  

Our job, as link-builders, is to help you identify the sites that may be willing to link to your site, and then reach out to them and convince them that they should share your content with their readers by giving you a link.

Interested in learning more?  Contact us.